Book List – Update May 2014

Almost two years ago I posted about starting a book list. So I did, and today I also took some time updating my Book List Page.

Books "A-List" per 2014-05-11

The list was growing, so I divided it into three groups. Shown above are 10 book covers from the “A List”: books which I loved reading and would highly recommend. The “B-List” are books that were well worth my time, yet aren’t directly recommended for one reason or another. The “C-List” are books I’ve read, but I’d recommend against picking them up for one reason or another.

A shout-out goes to my friend and colleague who’s been solid in providing recommendations (as well as lending me physical copies); he’s accountable for about half of the books on my A-List.

I’m in doubt what to read or do next though. Some things I’m considering:

  • Either one of the “Seven X in Seven Weeks” series (programming languages and/or databases).
  • Something about Java and/or a new book on programming for Android.
  • Anything like “PHP The Good Parts”, if it’s out there. (with topics like OO, Unit Testing, Dependency Injection, etc.)

On the other hand, I might also stick with some hobby programming or Pluralsight courses for now.

Of course I was hoping writing this post would help me figure out the question of what to do next. No luck so far though.

Ah well, the Right Thing to do will come to me with time, I guess.