I can get curious about many things. Very different things, too. I’ve wondered whether our bodies can loose fat cells at all, why drop caps look different across browsers, and whether you can cook fish in a dishwasher. The list goes on.

The most recent item to be added to this list is about Smileys. While chatting with one of my friends I used this emoticon:


I used this thinking it stands for “Surprise” or “Gasping” or “Jaw Dropping”. Instead, Google Hangouts presented us with this:

Smiley visual for :O

What the fuck is going on here!? Something’s not allright with that guy, possibly multiple things!

Turned out quite a few smileys I tend to use have rather strange visuals, with big differences between major platforms too. So I set out to do some research. Here are the results:

Smileys Overview

In the end, not too many big surprises, though there are a few. I’ve subtly highlighted the ones I’d more or less expect and which ones are not what I’d expect from the particular emoticon.

On to more useless research, I say!