Initial Oculus Rift Top 5

My employer (Infi) has a tradition of providing three (somewhat ridiculous) options for Christmas gifts. One of them this year was the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers. Given that I just built a fresh PC with a GTX-1080 earlier this year, the choice was obvious for me.

After two weeks of playing around with it, buying quite a few games, and trying out most of them, I certainly have my favorites. I’m curious to see how this will evolve. So time to log my current, initial Top 5 Games for Oculus Rift.

Disclaimer: I get VR-sickness quite quickly, so for obvious reasons stuff like TrackMania and Eve Valkyrie (though great games) are currently out for me.

  1. Robo Recall! It was a hard choice between 1 and 2, but replay value (achievements and high scores) sealed the deal. What a brilliant game! Bonus points for the funny story line, option to have multiple saves, diversity of levels, and brilliant sound effects and music.
  2. SuperHot VR. You feel like a BOSS in this game, a true action movie hero! Played through the entire game in one weekend (maybe 4-6 hours), which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Also a slightly more polished meta-interface (save games so I can let others replay a separate playthrough, for one) would’ve been nice.
  3. The ClimbThis borders on giving me VR sickness, yet I come back to this game every time. So that must be good?
  4. I Expect You to DieI’ve only done the first level so far, but I’m kind of “saving” the rest of this game for when I really feel like it.
  5. Arizona Sunshine. A toss up with Killing Floor: Incursion, but I think the zombie shooter should be the last item in my top 5. And I haven’t even tried coop mode yet.

Honorable mentions should go to The Invisible Hours (which my wife loves, and I can see why), Dark Days for giving me a good few scares already, and Oculus First Contact for being a fantastic tutorial.

My Backlog (games I haven’t played enough yet to judge) include Lucky’s Tale and Echo Arena so perhaps they’ll show up on a next installment of this blog series. I’m also looking forward to trying Lone Echo at some point, though I’m afraid I’ll get a heavy case of VR Sickness from it.

Oh, and the absolute worst? Well, Nature Treks VR was something my wife tried, but we asked for a refund just because it was so bad. In addition, not really “bad” but more “no experience at all”: Resident Evil 7 for PC doesn’t seem to support the Oculus Rift. Finally I’m very disappointed that Dota 2 has no good support for the Oculus controllers, making it unusable.

See you in about a year? Hopefully I’ll have a meaningful update by then!