World of Guild Wars

Asura in Guild Wars 2
Asura in Guild Wars 2

Recently I mentioned there’s just so much to do (in a good way). One of the items on that list I didn’t even pick up, even though I was expecting to be sucked into the thing: Mists of Pandaria, the new World of Warcraft expansion. Instead, the alotted time for WoW went into Guild Wars 2, just because it’s more fun than I expect the new WoW expansion to be.

The game’s even diverted my attention from Stack Exchange (and my corresponding challenge) to Reddit. After helping out my wife converting a Reddit post into a browser bookmarklet, I decided to post it on Reddit as a reply. A few days later I had an encouraging 50+ Reddit Karma. As you can imagine it was with lifted spirits that I decided to start another undoubtedly great post, bound to draw hundreds of Karma points. So I asked about Missing Guild Wars 2 Features, and harvested … a wopping zero points!

Lesson learned? Not so much, I guess. That is, the post wasn’t really meant for Karma-grinding, but more to start a uservoice kind of thing: let ArenaNet know what things they should steal from WoW. Maybe the I didn’t even so much wanted to ask the question, as I wanted to answer it. So for your reading pleasure, here are some things I’d love for them to steal from WoW:

  • Dueling. Not for the top of a prioritized list, but still one of the first things that comes to mind.
  • Proper teamwork, especially in dungeons. Asked about it on Gaming Stack Exchange, and apparently instancing is mostly “soloing together”.
  • Would be nice to be able to mail your own alts, but apparently this isn’t possible (yet?).
  • Addons, plugins, and macros.
  • If the above isn’t possible I would love to see an official DPS Meter or something similar. Just for personal use, I just love optimizing my own playstyle.
  • More emotes! I find myself typing “/palm” and “/violin” just way too often.
  • A way to easily see map progress when you’re not on that map.
  • More different spells available. I loved having 40 different buttons to press when playing WoW.
  • Be more clear on theĀ different roles players can fill. Currently this is too meager, and even though I don’t want or need the classic tank-healer-dps setup I still think GW2 can be clearer about its intentions here, in skills, the UI, etc.
  • End game raiding.
  • Monthly subscription fee and the horrific addiction level. No wait, the other way around of course.

“Wow”… glad I got that off my chest. Now back to enjoy the damn game!